The role of business in society

Evolving approach from CSR TO CSV

Creating shared value (CSV) is a business concept first introduced in Harvard Business Review article – Strategy & Society. We are inspired by the concept, especially the link between the organization’s competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility.


Candok’s approach in creating shared value.


Inspired by the concept of Creating shared value, Candok focuses on improving the supplier base and supporting institutions in our community with a higher purpose of helping people live life naturally. Our effort to maximize the creation of shared value is strongly rooted in our values of respect for ourselves, our suppliers, partners, doctors, chemist, retailers and most importantly the diverse customers who benefit from our offerings.

While we work towards contributing to the global goals on health and well-being, our business is built on clear principles, good corporate governance complying with community standards, good corporate citizenship and sustainability. Candok is committed towards integrating health and well-being related societal issues and challenges into economic value creation. We believe that the approach of bringing business and society together will create sustainable value for all stakeholders.